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Lions vs Jets Pregame Week-9

Detroit Lions (2-5) vs Washington Redskins (5-2)

Everyone seems to be saying it. How good the Jets are. What a great defense they have. The Lions can't beat the Jets. ..... Excuse me? The Lions can't beat the Jets? Why not?

First let's compare the defenses.
The Jets have 15 sacks and the Lions have... what's that? 23?
The Jets have 5 interceptions and the Lions have.... (ahem) 8 picks?
The Jets have forced 7 fumbles and the Lions only... 9?

But of course the critics (or Jets fans) will point out the yardage given up and the points given up, and over the entire season the Lions have given up a lot more yards and points than the Jets have. But I am a believer that often teams need time to put things together. Especially teams with a large change over in personnel. The Lions are one of those teams. This year, the Lions have three new starters on the defensive line, a new starter on outside linebacker, two new cornerbacks and a new safety. On top of that, the middle linebacker, DeAndre Levy, was hurt most of the season, Follett is now gone for the season, and due to another injury, a rookie is now manning one of the safety spots. So it would only make sense that a team like the Lions would need a few games to start putting things together.

In the Last 3 games......
The Jets have allowed an average of 214.3 passing yards compared to the Lions 215.3 yards.
The Jets have allowed an average of 107.3 passing yards compared to the Lions 125.0 yards.
The Jets have allowed an average of 16.3 points compared to the Lions 19.6 yards. Basically a field goal difference.

So in the last three games, the Jets defense still comes out on top, but not by near the margin many seem to believe. Yet, in those three games, the Jets have played the Vikings, Broncos, and the Packers, who have a combined 9-14 record. The Lions have played the Packers, the Rams, and the Giants, who have a combined 13-10 record.

So with all things considered, the Lions and Jets defense has been very close to equal in their last three games.

Then we look at the offenses.....
The Lions are ranked 6th in the NFL with an average of 26.1 points per game.
The Jets are ranked 7th in the NFL with an average of 22.7 points per game.
The Lions rank 7th in passing with an average of 250.6 yards per game.
The Jets rank 27th in passing with an average of 184.4 yards per game.
The Lions rank 30th in rushing with an average of 82.3 yards per game.
The Jets rank 3rd in rushing with an average of 153.4 yards per game.
... and that's where it gets interesting.

It is obvious at this point that the Lions are a passing offense and the Jets are a rushing offense. The whole question may come down to which defense stops the others strength the best.

Quite frankly, it gets tiring listening to people talk about Revis Island. I have no doubt that Revis is a great cornerback. I have no doubt he has shut down a lot of receivers. The fact is however, I would not rank Revis as good as Deion Sanders in his prime and I do not believe even Dieon could shut down Calvin Johnson. Talent and size wise, Calvin Johnson just may be the best receiver to ever play the game. The only thing holding him down is how the Lions have used him and in recent weeks it looks like they have begun to figure that out. By no means do I expect Calvin Johnson to dominate Revis the entire game, but I have a hard time believing any corner in the history of the NFL can shut down a healthy Calvin Johnson for an entire game.

If the Lions can put a stop on the Jets running game, there is no reason they should not be able to win this game. But I will leave you with another simple fact....

Since their first week loss, the Jets have only lost one game. That was to the Packers, the only team they have played that is ranked in the top-10 in sacks. The Packers only have 1 sack more than the Lions do.

Lions 20
Jets 17

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