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Lions Lose Again in Dallas

The final score was 35-19, but the game was a lot closer than that. Again the Lions looked to be out playing their competition to not only allow them to come back, but to pull out a victory as well and so the Detroit Lions have extended their NFL record road losing streak to 26.

Early on it looked like Linehan was finally opening up the offense as he ran an end around for 15 yards then ran a fake end around on the very next play that he passed for a 2 yard loss to Jahvid Best. As well as the slight trickery, Hill attempted two deep passes early on as well. But as the game continued, the Lions did not attempt another pass over 15 yards until late in the third quarter.

The Lions went into half time with a 10 - 7 lead and it looked as if Detroit was taking charge of the game. That feeling continued in the 3rd quarter as the Cowboys took a holding penalty inside of their own end-zone, giving the Lions a safety and two more points. Then the walls came tumbling down once again.

With 10:24 left in the 3rd quarter, Maurice Morris took a hand-off up the middle and the Lions offensive line actually opened up a hole for him. Unfortunately, Pettigrew was man handled by linebacker Anthony Spencer, who ran in behind the line and dragged Morris down for only a two yard gain.

The very next play, Orlando Scandrick broke through on the blitz and batted Hills pass down, forcing the Lions to punt. Then the real damage began.

On the punt, Lions special teams ace, Wendling looked to make another impressive play (which he had made a few in the game), and jumped into the end-zone and batted the ball back to the three yard line where it should have been downed. What should have happened and what does happen are two different things when it comes to the Lions. Bryan McCann ran past the Lions and snatched up the ball, taking to the outside and 97 yards for a touchdown.

On the Cowboys next drive, they drove down field and scored another touchdown, giving them a 21-12 lead over the Lions.

With 4:10 left in the 3rd quarter, the Lions made a game of it as Hill completed a 14 yard TD pass to Calvin Johnson. Closing the score to a 21-19 Cowboys lead.

The threat did not last long however, as the Cowboys controlled the ball for 7:48 of the clock and drove 71 yards on 16 plays to score a touchdown. Then with 3:19 left in the game, on a 4th and 1 play, Kitna ran a play action bootleg and found himself wide open as he ran 29 yards for another touchdown, giving the Cowboys a 35-19 win.

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