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Lions vs 49ers Pregame

Can the Detroit Lions start the 2011 NFL season off with 6 wins in a row? I have no doubt.

Yes I know the talk. The 49ers have a great defense. It doesn't worry me. They have faced a total of two rally good quarterbacks. Tony Romo and Michael Vick. We have all seen how self destructive Romo can be and Vick is by no means a great passing quarterback. Look at the running backs they have faced. The best running back they have met is McCoy with the Eagles and I do not believe he is a big home-run threat every time he touches the ball. The fact is, the 49ers have not face a QB the likes of Stafford, they have not faced a receiver anywhere near as good as Megatron, and they have not seen a RB who can break loose on any play like Best can. However good they may believe their defense to be, they will be facing by far the best offense they have seen this year.

The Lions however have faced much better quarterbacks than Alex Smith. Much better receivers than Crabtree and better running backs than Gore. The Lions defense has faced much more explosive offenses than the 49ers offense and have beaten them all.

Another interesting note: Alex Smith has been sacked 14 times in 5 games. In three of those games he has been dropped 3 or more times. The San Fransisco offensive line that already cannot protect their quarterback, has not faced anything like the defensive line the Lions will throw at them.

Stafford however has only been sacked in two games this year and one of those games was only one single sack. I have no doubt the 49ers defense will get some hits on Stafford and likely will get at least one sack, but they will not put enough pressure on him that he cannot find at least one of his many options to get the ball to. If the 49ers put too much emphasis on stopping the Lions pass, they will get beat by Jahvid Best.

Lions 24
49ers 13

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  1. Isn't it great how every game get bigger and bigger as the wins mount?
    Great to see the Lions playing well. Thanksgiving is going to be a great day to be an NFC north fan.