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Aveion Cason is like Ground Hogs Day

Aveion Cason pulls in the kick-off at the Lions 1 yard line. He breaks to his left and scrambles up to the ten, the fifteen, and is hit at the twenty yard line. .... Sound familiar? It should. Lions fans have been hearing the same thing for a couple of years now. Every game! Every Kick-off return!

The only difference between Cason and Bill Murray in 'Ground Hogs Day' is that Bill Murry was smart enough to start using the repetitions of the same thing happening over and over to his advantage. Cason has made no changes.

It is a very rare thing when Cason makes it past the 20 yard line and when it does happen, it is because of a bad kick that gave him more time. He never makes tacklers miss and he never breaks tackles. Ask yourself... Can you remember the last time Aveion Cason broke away for a long return? To give the guy credit, I will have to say he has done it before. Maybe a couple times. But in all honesty, I cannot remember seeing it happen. So why would the Lions keep using him as their kick returner?

It was to my knowledge that returning kicks was why the Lions drafted Derrick Williams. Yet I have only seen him return punts. Put him in the Kick return spot and let him get some work there. What do the Lions have to lose in doing so? After two years of returning kicks to the twenty, it is not like Cason is going to suddenly figure it all out. So let the rookie get in some work and see if he grows with it at all. He sure couldn't do any worse than Cason. For God's sakes, put my fat carcass in and I can return it to the fifteen at least. I have no doubt that Derrick Williams, with all of his speed, would do as well as Cason.

Mr. Schwartz, if you should somehow find this post and read it. Please pay close attention to this part. I understand that Cason shows speed in practices. I have heard he is one of the faster players on the Lions. But don't let it fool you. The man has no real field vision. He does not make players miss, break to open holes or break tackles. If you keep using him to return kick-offs, he will only do what he has always done in the past. Get tackled at the twenty. You cant win games if you are always starting at your own twenty. Don't be fooled like recent coaches. If Cason has not learned how to break some loose by now, he never will.

Actually if the Lions really cant seem to trust Derrick Williams on Kick-off returns. Why not Felton? He has enough speed to make it back to the twenty and he has the power to break a few tackles now and then. If a player tries to hit him? He will learn it doesn't feel the same as colliding with Aveion Cason. Felton will hurt a lot more and make a tackler think twice about going head on in the future.

Hell, throw in a back up defensive lineman as a kick off returner. Let him run like a wrecking ball and he would still make the twenty. But at least he would make the other players pay for tackling him at the twenty.

Okay, seriously here. I am just making a simple point. I don't care who is put in to return kick-offs. I just don't want to see the same old thing over and over again that I have watched for the last two years. I just don't want to see Cason go down at the twenty yard line every time. I was not a big fan of Ground Hogs Day to begin with. Please don't make me watch it every Sunday.

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