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Detroit Lions lose to Cleveland Browns 27-10

First let me say this right off.... I do not think it was as bad as many believe.

#1 - The Lions first team defense gave up one long drive for a touchdown. After that they settled down and played fairly well. The only other TDs came from the special teams and late in the game against backups.

#2 - Sticking with the defense.... In the first three quarters, the Lions defense blitzed 11 times that I counted. Only once during a blitz did they give up more than a few yards. So when the Lions blitzed, they did well.

#3 - Stafford looked pretty bad this game. Culpepper looked pretty good. Unless Stafford plays lights out over Culpepper in the coming weeks practices, Daunte should be named the starter and play the first half of the third preseason game.

#4 - Special attention needs to be placed on the special teams this week. The coverage unit was down right horrid and the blocking/return unit was almost useless.

#5 - More Special teams.... Aveion Cason should be cut. He rarely returns a ball past the 20 yard line. Too often he seems to dip his head and run into men rather than make them miss. His fumble on the outside run should be the last straw. He does not help the Lions enough to warrant the spot he takes up.

#6 - Keep in mind that many of the Lions playmakers were not playing tonight. None of the three starting receivers and their hopeful star tight end did not play.

#7 - Also keep in mind that this was a preseason game. They mean absolutely nothing. If the Lions were to play great, many fans would say "So what? It was a meaningless preseason game." When they played bad, those same fans are saying... "Same Old Lions! They wont win a game again this year." Schwarts did not prepare the team to win and they did not game plan to win. Special teams showed some large holes and the defense was bad for one series. Now Schwartz knows what he needs to work on next.

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