Working a lot of hours every week just to survive, I have little time to spare for my blogs. So I have had to make some decisions as to what I will keep up with and what I will relax on. With the lack of readers I have on this blog, it just does not make sense to continue to put time into writing the articles, keeping the schedule up to date and so on.

I have decided to put more time into finishing my books with the hopes that they will be a source of supplemental income

I apologize to those few who actually read my articles. I hope you will understand. I will continue to write articles now and then, but I will no longer keep up with every game.


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Ndamukong Suh's Sack List
Keep track of which quarterbacks Suh has faced and which ones he has taken down.

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Lions Team Rankings

OFFENSE . . . . . . . . . . . .DEFENSE
. . . . . . .2011 . 2010 . . . . . .
. . . .2011 . 2010
Points . . . .(xx) .(xx) . Points . .
. . . (xx) .(xx)
Total Yards . (xx) .(xx) . Total Yards
. . .(xx). (xx)
Pass Yards. . (xx) .(xx) . Pass Yards .
. . (xx) .(xx)
Rush Yards . .(xx). (xx). .Rush Yards.
. . .(xx) .(xx)
QB Sacks . . .(xx) .(xx). .QB Sacks . .
. . (xx) .(xx)
Interceptions (xx) .(xx) . Interceptions
. .(xx) .(xx)
Fumbles Lost. (xx) .(xx) . Forced Fumbles
. (xx) .(xx)
. . . . . . . . . . . . . .Fumble recovery
.(xx) .(xx)


Lions Win Preseason Game-1

As expected, Daunte Culpepper took place under center to start the game and did a fine job. Culpepper completed five of six passes for 41 yards. He did not have any touchdowns and did not throw an interception. What impresses me most however is that he only had one pass that was incomplete. The veteran quarterback did not do anything to hurt his chances of starting for the Lions in 2009 and he did not do anything special to gain a lead on Matthew Stafford.

The first overall pick in April's draft, Matthew Stafford, took the ball after that and had a different kind of game. He completed 7 of 14 passes for 114 yards. He threw one touchdown and had one picked off. Though Stafford only had a 50% completion rating, he also had a few of his passes dropped. His touchdown was a perfectly thrown ball where only the receiver could get it, but his interception was a typical rookie mistake when he allowed a blitz to make him throw the ball early and he did not read the defense well. The interception was returned for a touchdown.

Though Culpepper did not do anything great or anything bad, Stafford did both. So from this game alone, the quarterback competition stayed just as tight.

Rookie running back, Aaron Brown, scored a touchdown and Drew Stanton had an 18 yard scramble that set up the game winning field goal.

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