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Ex-Lion Helps the Team He Left On Bad Terms With

Remember Shaun Rogers? How can we not remember him. In his final season with the Lions, he lived up to his nickname, 'Big Baby'. He only played in every other play and left the team on bad terms.

Today Rogers would like to play for the Lions again. Unfortunately it seems he may have burnt that bridge as they have not talked to him when he would fill a void they desperately need to fill. With Grady Jackson signed, the Lions needed another big man to help fill the middle and stop run plays. Shaun Rogers would have fit that bill perfectly. Well, when a bridge burns down there is only one thing to do. Rebuild that bridge, and that seems just what Rogers is trying to do.

Recently the Lions were hoping to sign Rogers friend Shaun Hill. Hill had other offers as well and he wasn't sure what to do. When talking to Rogers for advice, Big Baby played the part of a big man and told his friend to go to Detroit. He said Detroit had some good people and that he should just come here and play ball. Now Shaun Hill is a Detroit Lion and will help dearly in filling that gap in the middle.

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