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Detroit Lions beat the Colts 18 - 17

The most important thing to remember here is that it is still only a preseason game. The Lions beating the Colts means absolutely nothing. That being said, there are certain things I noticed in this game.

1) The offensive line actually looked good. Several times they opened holes and often they actually moved the trench forward. Yes they made a few stupid, idiotic and ridiculous mistakes like a blow to the head AFTER the play was over and such. Still, all in all, I see a huge improvement over how they played in the last decade.

2) There were two drives where Manning moved the ball with apparent ease to score a touchdown. On both of those drives, the Lions played a soft and non-aggressive zone defense. Like last week, when the Lions blitzed, the looked much better.

3) The offense looks much better with Johnson and Johnson playing.

4) Yes, it is actually possible to over throw Calvin Johnson on a fade route.

5) The biggest improvement from last week to this week is a tie between Stafford and the kick-off coverage unit.

6) Delmas can hit like a mac truck. Now if he can learn when to pull up and just make the tackle.

7) I am already getting tired of Charlie Sanders speaking on the sidelines.

8) Kevin Smith is running much harder this season. He seams harder to tackle but he is still missing that extra gear to break the long ones.

9) I really really hate the zone defense.

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